Are you ready for a breakthrough? As a Transformation Facilitator, I support individuals, groups, and organizations in breaking through where they seem to be stuck or where they want to make a significant change.

For individuals, I specialize in authentic relationships and meaningful livelihood. For groups and organizations, my specialties are conflict transformation, meeting facilitation, and board retreats.

Together, we co-create a plan for you. I facilitate your clarity on what you want and the transformation necessary to get you there.

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled individually, and harmoniously functioning as a group or team. As a Transformation Facilitator, I support you in creating an opening where you previously felt blocked or where you feel there is greater potential to be realized.

I’ve been facilitating transformation for nearly 20 years. I’d love to work with you! To start, I offer you a no-risk free consultation so we can get to know each other a bit and see if there’s a fit.

We can work together in person, by phone, Zoom videoconference, or any combination of these.

Yes, I am ready to create a shift. Contact me!