Gregory Toole is an internationally known writer, speaker, spiritual teacher and coach. He is the author of the spiritual book, “A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation,” which gives practical guidance for how one can use his or her own spiritual awakening and growth to transform the planet.

He is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living.

For the past 16 years, Gregory’s life has been dedicated to serving humanity through teaching spirituality in both group and individual settings. He has taught thousands of students around the world through his classes, individual coaching, writing, and speaking engagements.

Gregory is a spiritual adviser and coach, providing spiritual direction and support on an individual basis to those moving through change, transition, and challenges.

Gregory’s teaching is grounded in the idea that each person has great power to transform his or her life. From this premise he has been able to support thousands in having breakthroughs to greater freedom and prosperity. He specializes in teaching authentic living, unlimited prosperity, and the practice of surrender as powerful means to living with fulfillment, joy, and grace.

What Others Are Saying About Gregory

“Gregory Toole is the embodiment of his vision ’empowered to transform the planet’.  He is a master teacher, teaching through example, steeped in his own spiritual practice he continuously cultivates his relationship with the Divine in all, thru all, AS all.  Gregory shares his insights and the truth in a simple, accessible and inspiring way. He is a bold, charismatic, humorous, and authentic speaker and teacher igniting the fire inside us all to wake up, to create our own relationship with the Divine, and live in harmony with one another and the planet.” ~ Katrina Borneman, RScP, CPCC

Rev. Gregory has supported our spiritual community as a speaker, teacher and mentor for many years.  He has a listening heart and a dynamic appreciation and love for these teachings.  He can be relied on to hold the high watch of spiritual principle.  He has utmost integrity and works beautifully with students to facilitate learning within the individual.  His gentle and clear guidance is a gift.  It is a trusted place to rest in moments of challenge or misunderstanding.  He exudes joy and deep faith when he speaks.  He is professional,  prepared and on purpose in all that he does. ~ Rev, Mary Jo Honiotes

“A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation is a beautiful expression of a profound truth: transforming our world requires us to intensify and deepen our own transformational journey. Gregory Toole offers us a clear pathway and encourages us to walk it with passion and commitment. I invite you to not only read and share this book, be to also give yourself fully to incorporating the principles into your daily living. Most great things are built from the ground up. We must build a better world from the “ground of being: up!” ~ Dr. Roger Teel, Senior Minister, Mile Hi Church of Religious Science


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