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A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation

How Your Personal Spiritual
Journey Can Change the World

By Gregory M. Toole

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“This clear and insightful book illumines our spiritual/psychological/emotional reality and highlights important topics of awakening and realization on the spiritual path. With precision, Gregory Toole articulates principles, prayers, and daily practices that support us in growing the way our soul wants us to grow and live, love and express.”
Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, Global Spiritual Leader
“A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation is a beautiful expression of a profound truth: transforming our world requires us to intensify and deepen our own transformational journey. Gregory Toole offers us a clear pathway and encourages us to walk it with passion and commitment. I invite you to not only read and share this book, be to also give yourself fully to incorporating the principles into your daily living. Most great things are built from the ground up. We must build a better world from the “ground of being: up!”
Dr. Roger Teel, Senior Minister, Mile Hi Church of Religious Science